Now that Tomb Raider (2013) has been in stores for nearly a week and now that we have had the opportunity to get to know the "new" Lara Croft, we thought we would share with you a list of our favorite things from this game. We hope that in the comments, you guys continue this conversation and share with us your favorite things.

1. A More Personable Lara
Gone are the days of Lara's standoffish attitude. With the re-boot of the series, Crystal Dynamics decided to make Lara far more personable. As you play throughout this game, Lara will sigh when she is frustrated, will grunt when she is physically exerted, and shows a far greater mental capacity. We also get to know Lara on a personal level as there is a series of journal entries that are activated by finding various Camps.
2. A True Cast of Characters
Unlike the previous incarnations where it felt like it was Lara versus the world, the re-boot features a wide variety of character members who are each integral to the story. The characters of Dr. James Whitman and Conrad Roth are instant classics as far as memorable characters go. And then there is of course the character who drives the action, Laura's best friend Sam Nishimura.
3. Tombs Still Matter
While the role of Tombs has been somewhat mitigated through the story's main story, there are still enough optional tombs to explore in the game. The tombs include - The Hall of Ascension which can be seen in action below.
File:Tomb Raider Walkthrough - Tomb 02 Hall of Ascension
4. Collectibles Galore

This game features a wide variety of collectibles. The game features 58 collectible Documents, as well as relics, and GPS Caches. The following video below will show you where all the collectibles are in the first area, Coastal Forest.

File:Tomb Raider Walkthrough - Relic Locations Coastal Forest
5. Salvage to Craft

One of the most interesting parts of this game, at least through our eyes, is the ability to [[1]]. As one collects more and more pieces of salvage, Lara obtains the ability to upgrade and equip more powerful equipment. As the weaponry of Lara increases, so does her ability to kill more easily. One of the most interesting weapon upgrades is the Rope Arrows, which are given in the story and are used to add a rope as an alternate firing mode. Below is a gallery of some of the new weapons in the game.