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     Rayman's favorites are...
     <a class="extiw" title="w:c:rayman:Rayman" href=
     </a> is the protagonist of the Rayman series and the upcoming game <a class="extiw"
     title="w:c:lollipopchainsaw:Rayman" href=
     "">Rayman Legends.
     </a> Rayman likes to hang out with his friends, take naps at the Snoring Tree, and chat with <a class="extiw" title="w:c:rayman:The Bubbgle Dreamer" href=
     "http://"> The Bubble Dreamer</a>, the creator of his world.

Rayman has a habit of angering all sorts of unsavory inhabitants of his world, from <a class="extiw" title="w:c:rayman:Admiral Razorbeard" href= "http://">Admiral Razorbeard </a> to old Granny who lives in the <a class="extiw" title="w:c:rayman:Admiral Razorbeard" href= "http://"> land of the living dead</a>.

When his snoring accidentally disturbs Granny, she sends out an army of Darktoons that capture Rayman and all the <a class="extiw" title= "w:c:lollipopchainsaw:Electoons" href= "">Electoons</a>.

Rayman's hands, feet, and head are all unattached to his body. His lack of arms and wrists allow Rayman to kick and punch enemies from very far away. He can also spin his crazy hair like a helicopter, giving him the power to hover in the air.

     Rayman befriends...
     Rayman dislikes...

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